Due Diligence

Protecting your reputation

We offer in-depth and insightful background investigations to assess and mitigate reputational risk to you and your organization.  Not all business due diligence can be addressed through data review or screening. Simply put,  growth opportunities often closely align with risk of higher corruption. We delve into high-value relationships requiring a more in-depth look. Heightened risk circumstances can include customers or third parties in countries or business sectors with more potential for risk – such as those with complex or opaque ownership structures, sanctions risk, or involving politically exposed persons.

Human rights, environmental concerns, as well as governance and social responsibility issues must be considered as consumer action, brand damage, or operational interruption resulting from third-party reputations can disrupt and cause more financial harm than regulatory consequences. Even if no such exposure occurs, failing to uncover and appropriately manage adverse associations poses significant reputational damage later unforgivable by boards and shareholders.

Our investigative solutions can include analytical research, development and interviewing of witnesses or those with pertinent information; or the scrutinizing of key executives, core talent, or potential partnerships to ascertain integrity information vital to your decision making.