Corporate Integrity | Anti-Corruption

We protect your integrity

We also specialize in private investigations involving corporate integrity or corruption. We have expertise investigating and providing solutions to protect your reputation from complex corruption allegations or issues. These include matters such as conflicts of interest, violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) or the U.K. Bribery Act, insider abuse or trading, trade secret theft, illegal technology transfer or illicit exports, international sanctions compliance, anti-trust issues and anti-competitive conduct. 

Bribery and corruption remains a top reputational and compliance risk for professionals and businesses alike, especially in today’s global business environment. FCPA enforcement actions continue to increase in scope and size. Additional laws are enacted along with new international standards. Bribery schemes often enter through third parties and recent high-profile scandals illustrate challenges of extended global distribution networks and supply chains.

Unethical or illegal labor practices such as modern-day slavery in supply chains pose unintended commercial risks and long-term reputational damage. Many countries require businesses be capable of demonstrating how modern-day slavery risks are assessed and managed - usually identified and mitigated through due diligence of third-party entities. Entities are legally or ethically compelled to question and vet vendors throughout the entire supply chain, not just the immediate or first level. 

The dynamic nature  of sanction regimes requires knowledge of a entity’s potential exposure. Companies must comprehend all parties in a transaction, not just rely on mere information of whether a customer or supplier is listed. Especially since sanctioned entities and individuals work hard to insulate themselves and evade exposure. Businesses need specific details—like an entity’s distribution of ownership, voting, or other control; adding the burden to collect more third-party detail with those it does business with. 

We provide investigative solutions enabling you act with confidence and clarity to protect you and your business or organization - as well as support for remedies such as internal action, litigation, or law enforcement engagement.