Cryptocurrency and Cybercrime

Cybercrime and cryptocurrency investigations - 21st Century experience

We have 21st Century expertise with cybercrime and cryptocurrency investigations. We can detect your exposure to online crime and provide key solutions for your protection. We are skilled in investigating internet-enabled crime and fraud perpetrated by international criminals and then supporting the legal remedies to counter their damage. We investigate TOR-based darknet activity and cybercrime as a service – where you can be unknowingly be victimized and harmed in any manner of ways. 

We also have considerable experience investigating  the theft, abuse, and laundering of bitcoin and other digital currencies. We've operated in and understand the digital currency ecosystem, and the means and methods criminal organizations exploit to their benefit.  Our cutting-edge expertise in this emerging sector complements our fraud and anti-money laundering practices and allows us to provide you with solutions to protect you from online vulnerabilities.